Keynote Speaker: Professor Denis Judd

Professor Denis Judd (London Metropolitan University, UK)

Great Britain: A United Kingdom?

Educated at the Universities of Oxford and London, Denis Judd has been Head of History, and is now Professor Emeritus of Imperial and Commonwealth History, at the London Metropolitan University. He also teaches History at New York University in London. He is a leading expert on the British Empire and the Commonwealth, especially South Africa and India. He has also written extensively on British history, and on aspects of the monarchy. New editions of his major studies Empire: The British Imperial Experience from 1765 to the Present, and his biography of the Queen’s father, King George VI, recently published to coincide with Jubilee Year.


Among his numerous books on Britisdh national and global history are Balfour and the British Empire (1968), The Victorian Empire: A Pictorial History, 1837-1901 (1970), The British Raj (1972), The House of Windsor (1973), Edward VII: A Pictorial Biography (1975), Palmerston (1975), The Crimean War (1976), Eclipse of Kings: European Monarchs in the 20th Century (1976), Prince Philip (rev ed, 1981), The Evolution of the British Commonwealth (with Peter Slinn) (1982), Lord Reading (1982), Radical Joe - A Life of Joseph Chamberlain (1993), Jawaharlal Nehru (1993), A British Tale of India and Foreign Service: The Memoirs of Sir Ian Scott (1999), The Boer War (with Keith Surridge, 2003) and Someone Has Blundered: Calamities of the British Army in the Victorian Age (2007).


As a literary historian he edited The Private Diaries of Alison Uttley (2009) and published the biography Alison Uttley: Spinner of Tales (2010). He has written his own stories for children - Livingstone in Africa (1973) and Further Tales of little Grey Rabbit (1989),  Livingstone in Africa (1973) – and sequels to two classic novels for children,  The Adventures of Long John Silver (rev ed 1978) and Return To Treasure Island (1978). He edits the Traveller’s Histories series, with 27 titles published since 1998.